About Us

HALL RED ANGUS consists of Brad and Paula Pokorny, and sons, Cade, Cauy and Dane, Stapleton Nebraska, and Paula’s mother, Helen Hall, who lives at Bartlett.  Brad and Paula lease a ranch 20 miles north of Stapleton where they are able to run 300 – 350 mother cows and 110 yearling replacement heifers on their native Sandhill pasture

We are a cow calf operation located in the eastern edge of the Nebraska Sandhills.  We have been in the Red Angus business since 1976, when Lamoine and Helen Hall purchased twenty registered cows from Ray Meyer of Sodak Red Angus of South Dakota.  Our herd is made up of category A and B cattle, with all the B calves being purebred 99% plus, and we have never differentiated in the way we bred or selected them.  It has always been our goal to produce cattle that are efficient, practical, and easy to raise.  For the past thirty plus years we have been selling performance tested yearling bulls.  They are a useful, balanced product with volume and muscle to produce the kind of feeder cattle the industry demands today, and females that will work in commercial cow herds under everyday range conditions.

AI is a very important part of our operation starting around May 5th.  The heifers are synchronized and AI’d for ten days.  About two thirds of the cows are selected for AIing during a 24 day period.  Calves are weaned in early October, and the cows are taken back to winter graze with cake until calving, around February 10th.

Bull calves are sent to Darr Feedlot, south of Lexington, to be grown.  They are limit fed a ration of cracked corn, protein supplement, and molasses at a rate of one and one half to two percent of the bulls body weight, plus free choice prairie hay designed to gain approximately three pounds per head per day.  The heifers are wintered on a limit fed ration of corn silage, and ground prairie hay designed to gain approximately one and three fourth pounds per day.

Our 2016 Annual Production Sale will be held on March 10, at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, North Platte, Nebraska.   As always our effort is to provide our customers with bulls that will produce calves that are born easily, perform well and hang a desirable carcass.  On the female side, easy fleshing, moderate framed, sound uddered, good disposition cows that are trouble free and enjoyable to be around.  We appreciate your interest in our program and if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are always ready to show you our cattle.